» Sabarmati Ashram
Among the most reputed places in India, Sabarmati Ashram was set up in 1915 and was the nerve center of India’s Struggle for independence. Surrounded by shady trees and set in traditional environment, the ashram was Gandhi’s home till 1930. Gandhiji left this Ashram and went for Dandi March, vowing not to return until India is free.
During India’s struggle for independence, it was also called Satyagrah Ashram and latter on as Harijan Ashram. The Ashram houses a museum with five sections- office, library, photo galleries and an auditorium. The museum has eight life-size colour oil paintings and an exhibition on Gandhiji’s life “My life is my message” and “Gandhiji in Ahmedabad”. An archive is also set up, which stores 34,066 letters written by Gandhiji, manuscripts of his 8,633 articles, negatives of 6,367 photographs, 134 reels of microfilms of his writings and 210 films on Gandhiji and the freedom struggle. The library has over 30,000 books, 155 letters of felicitation received by Gandhiji. The Ashram is open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm throughout the year and admission is free.
» Hatheesing Jain Temple

Situated outside Delhi Gate in Ahmedabad, Hatheesingh Temple was built in 1850 AD by Seth Hatheesing who was a rich Jain merchant. The temple is much famous for its intricate carvings and profuse architectural designs. Built in white marble, it is dedicated to 15th Jain Trithanakara (Jain Proponent), Dharmnath.

The courtyard around the temple, is surrounded by a row of abbey of 52 holy places with each one having an image of a Trithankara. This two storied structure has a dome at the front while other two sides have ornately carved out galleries. One of the most beautiful Jain Temples in India, is a must visit.

» Ahmed Shah’s Mosque

Although small but very attractive, Ahmed Shah mosque lies west of Bhadra citadel. The mosque was built in 1414 AD by Ahmed Shah, the founder of the city. It is believed that the ruler built this mosque on the site of a Hindu temple, using some parts of the temple in its construction. This exclusive mosque was a place of worship for nobles and royal blood.

The ‘Mehrabs’ (prayer halls) have been ornately designed with black and white marbles. There is a separate place of worship for women. Towards the north east corner, upstairs, ‘Zenana’ is the women chamber. The tombs of Ahmed Shah and his queens lay outside the eastern gate of the Jama Masjid. This edifice is one of the first mosque in Ahmedabad and a must visit.

» Jhulta Minar

Jhulta Minar or Swaying Minarets of Ahmedabad is famous world wide. These minarets are part of Siddi Bashir and can be swayed by applying a little force to the upper most arc. This mosque is famous for its mysterious construction that makes its sway.

A result of master craftsmanship and detailed mechanism that causes the vibrations and swaying motion is a major attraction of this place. An Englishman partly demolished one of the minarets to uncover the mystery behind swaying mosque but in vain. This unusual structure is still a mystery for all

» Law Garden

Another important public garden located at the heart of city of Ahmedabad, Law Garden is famous place for buying handicrafts and traditional Gujarati outfits from local hawkers. This garden will provide you with innumerable recreational options like music, theater, rides for kids and a great variety of Gujarati food.

The garden has been named as Law Garden because of the Law College situated adjoining to this place. This park has something to offer everybody, be it young or old. Because of its sprawling area, most of the music and dance concerts are held here. The main activity center of Ahmedabad, Law Garden is a must visit.

» Kankaria Lake

Kankaria is a polygonal artificial lake, situated in the south east region of Ahmedabad with an island summer palace. This lake has 34 sides and was constructed by Sultan Qutab-ud-Din in 1451 A.D. The lake was frequently visited by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his Empress wife Noor Jahan.

It now stands as a local picnic spot and has vivid bird life. This bewitching lake has intricate sluice gates, built by Sultan and an island garden set amidst of the lake, Nagina Wadi. There is a beautiful pathway that connects one side of the lake to Nagia Wad. Kankaria lake can great for peace lovers if visited late in the evening for an hour or so. Boating facility is also available here for fun lovers. It is one of the best places in Ahmedabad to view sunset. The zoo and children’s park set adjoining this lake, are famous among children. The enchanting environment around the lake makes it one of the most loved places at Ahmedabad.